Help Updated

Three new/updated help topics:

Upgrading Template 3.0.0 to 3.0.1

This guide also applies for the tag template.

Simple Review 3.0.1 has a new feature for category templates which allows you to use placeholders when creating your review listing template. This change will allow you to easily add custom fields to your review listing without having to resort to using PHP. You can ignore this guide if you are using an unmodified category template that comes with Simple Review e.g. default or dark. If you have created your own template or modified the existing category review listing template (template.reviewlisting.html.php) the below will show you the difference and what to change.

Old template code to replace (~line 109-124):

$isAlt = false;
foreach($reviews as $r):
$css = $isAlt ? 'odd' : 'even';
$isAlt = !$isAlt;
$reviewName = Simple_Review_Common::RemoveSlashes($r->name);
$reviewName = "<a href='$r->url'>$reviewName</a>";
<tr class="<?php echo $css;?>">
<td><?php echo $reviewName;?></td>
<td><?php echo $r->rating;?></td>
<td><?php echo $r->averageUserRating;?></td>
<td><?php echo $r->createdByName;?></td>
<td><?php echo $r->createdDate;?></td>
<?php endforeach;?>

New template code:

$isAlt = false;
foreach($reviews as $r):
$css = $isAlt ? 'odd' : 'even';
$isAlt = !$isAlt;
<tr class="<?php echo $css;?>">
<td><a href='{Review:Url}'>{Review:Title}</a></td>
$tableRow = ob_get_contents();
echo $this->Replace($r, $tableRow);

As you can see the table row’s cells (<td>) no longer contain any PHP.

3.0.0 Templates

Template in Simple Review 3.0.0 are not compatible with previous templates 2.2.4. Templates in 3.0.0 are not that much different from 2.2.4 and should not take too long to convert them.

New templates important folders/files:

Old templates important folders/files:

As an example we will convert our old review template into the new template format.
We will base our new template on the default one.

  1. Create a new folder:
  2. From the default template
    copy the following into www/components/com_simple_review/templates/example/:

    • index.html
    • css
    • images
    • js
    • review

    You should now have the following:

  3. Open:

    Delete everything inbetween: <!––review template start––> and <!––review template end––>

    Open your old template file

    Copy everything inbetween <!–– START EDITING––> and <!–– STOP EDITING––> and
    paste it into your new template (replace the deleted text in template.html.php).

  4. You can optionally update your old Simple Review tags with the new Place Holders.
    You can see a list of the new place holders on your place holder admin page:

    Example update:
    {sr_name} = {Review:Title}
    {sr_createdBy} = {Review:Author}
    {sr_createdDate} = {Review:Date}
    {sr_rating} = {Review:Rating}
    {sr_maxRating} = {Review:RatingMax}
    {sr_avgUserScore} = {Review:RatingUser}
    {sr_imageURL} = {Review:Image}
    {sr_title1} = {Review:Field:1}
    {sr_title2} = {Review:Field:2}
    {sr_scoreBox} = {Review:Rating:Box}

    <?php echo $vm->content;?> = {Review:Body}
    <?php echo $this->Widgets->Display(‘CommentForm’);?> = {Widget:CommentForm}
    <?php echo $this->Widgets->Display(‘CommentDisplay’);?> = {Widget:CommentDisplay}

    Once you have updated all your templates you can go to your Simple Review configuration and
    on the Place Holders tab change the mode from ‘Legacy’ to ‘Enabled’.

  5. Copy your images into:
  6. Add your CSS to:

    Note that css classes starting with ‘srTitle’ are now ‘srField’.

  7. If you want to convert other templates such as a category template then create a new folder:
    Then repeat steps 3 to 6. Note some templates such as category have had JavaScript or structural changes to fix bugs or add features, so apply step 3 carefully and only if needed.