3.0.1 Released

Simple Review 3.0.1 has been released (download). An upgrade is available for 3.0.0 users (download).
Please note, if you have created your own template or edited an existing category template please make a small update by following this guide.


  • New. Placeholders can now be used in the category review listing template. See this guide to upgrade your template (if applicable):
  • Fix. Frontend tag filter not working.
  • Fix. Widget configuration not saved on some PHP setups.
  • Fix. A new user review could not be given the max rating.
  • Fix. Joomla plugin warning in newer PHP versions (tested on 5.3.1) “Parameter 1 to plgXYZ() expected to be a reference, value given in…”.
  • Fix. Tags could not be deleted from the tag administration page.
  • Fix. The last tag could not be removed from a review on the review administration page.

3.0.0 Released

Simple Review 3.0.0 has been released (download). An upgrade is available for 2.2.4 users (download), please note that the new templates are not compatible with 2.2.4 templates (template upgrade guide).

What’s new in 3.0.0:

  • New. Review templates support the hReview microformat. You can test what your review will look like in Google search here (example).
  • New. Can sort reviews.
  • New. Can now select a specific category when creating a menu item.
  • New. Reviews can now be tagged.
  • New. Reviews now have meta keywords and descriptions.
  • New. Option to require comments to be approved before being published.
  • Fix. Place holder {Review:Date} now works (from 3.0.0 beta 1).
  • Fix. User reviews are now working and have a redesigned template (from 3.0.0 beta 1).
  • Fix. Pager and filter.
  • Fix. Bug where the user’s real name was always displayed instead of the user name.
  • Change. The review template file has been renamed from template.html to template.html.php (from 3.0.0 beta 1).
  • Change. Place holder {Review:AwardImageUrl} has been renamed to {Review:Award} (from 3.0.0 beta 1).
  • Change. Place holder {Review:ModifiedDate} has been renamed to {Review:DateModified} (from 3.0.0 beta 1).
  • Change. Template system has changed. Old templates are no longer compatible.
  • Change. Simple Tags have been renamed to Place Holders. The place holders have a new easier to remember format and provide additional features – the old format is still supported. They are no longer case sensitive.
  • Change. Editing content is now more consistent with Joomla. The layout is now simpler and provides things such as an image selector.
  • Change. Category & review titles are now called fields. Fields are now optional.
  • Change. Include jQuery locally by default and upgraded to 1.4.3.

2.1.2C to 2.2.0 Patch Available

Version 2.1.2C users can now upgrade to version 2.2.0. Files can be found here. Please backup your site and database first and then follow the instructions in the readme file. You will loose any modifications to files as well as your configuration settings, so please back these up. This will be the last major change (in terms of file structure) and the next upgrades will not result in loss of configuration settings 🙂

2.0.7 Released

Version 2.0.7 of the Simple Review component has been released. An upgrade for 2.0.6 users is also out.

  • Fixed Category bypass, now implemented
  • Fixed paging for Joomla 1.5 review listing – has know issue with paging and review first letter filter.
  • Fixed strange characters appearing at bottom of component.
  • Fixed some undefined variable errors.
  • Fixed missing text ‘You may only rate an item once.’ when adding multiple comments
  • Fixed _SRL_COMMENT_NO_COMMENTS appearing instead of actual value.
  • Fixed newline character in title breaking everything.
  • Fixed incorrect category and subcategory listing/order.
  • Fixed changing a reviews category.
  • Fixed missing JavaScript files in backend.
  • Added tooltips on fields in backend (e.g. configuration).
  • Added Category option ‘Limit Top N to Current Category’.
  • Added Category option ‘Number of displayed Categories’.
  • Added Category option ‘Number of displayed Reviews’.
  • Added option in configuration to not have title 2 and 3 as links to the review in the review listing page.
  • Added Pager for top level categories.
  • Language files Changes:
    Category_Module and Comment_Module.

Note that language files have a few new strings so current translations will not work.

Next release will be 2.1 and will a native Joomla 1.5 Component.