2.0.7 Released

Version 2.0.7 of the Simple Review component has been released. An upgrade for 2.0.6 users is also out.

  • Fixed Category bypass, now implemented
  • Fixed paging for Joomla 1.5 review listing – has know issue with paging and review first letter filter.
  • Fixed strange characters appearing at bottom of component.
  • Fixed some undefined variable errors.
  • Fixed missing text ‘You may only rate an item once.’ when adding multiple comments
  • Fixed _SRL_COMMENT_NO_COMMENTS appearing instead of actual value.
  • Fixed newline character in title breaking everything.
  • Fixed incorrect category and subcategory listing/order.
  • Fixed changing a reviews category.
  • Fixed missing JavaScript files in backend.
  • Added tooltips on fields in backend (e.g. configuration).
  • Added Category option ‘Limit Top N to Current Category’.
  • Added Category option ‘Number of displayed Categories’.
  • Added Category option ‘Number of displayed Reviews’.
  • Added option in configuration to not have title 2 and 3 as links to the review in the review listing page.
  • Added Pager for top level categories.
  • Language files Changes:
    Category_Module and Comment_Module.

Note that language files have a few new strings so current translations will not work.

Next release will be 2.1 and will a native Joomla 1.5 Component.