4.0.02 Alpha Released

Another alpha version of Simple Review 4 has been released (download component). Being an alpha version it is not recommended for a live site (it does seem to run fine though!). This release fixes some bugs and merges the ‘Top’ and ‘Latest’ module into a single module (download module).


  • New. Review field placeholders now support raw rendering by using an underscore suffix e.g. {Review:Field:1_}.
  • Fix. Call to undefined method TemplateCategoryFrontBase (#1).
  • Fix. Option being set incorrectly (#2).
  • Fix. Review Title Helper using incorrect path to interfaces (#3).
  • Fix. Community Builder not being detected (#4).
  • Fix. List title placeholder not working (#6).
  • Fix. Not able to change the review’s author in Joomla 2.5 (#7).
  • Fix. Cannot assign ACL (#9).