Help Updated

I have added a new getting started help topic. More help coming soon.

2.1.2C to 2.2.0 Patch Available

Version 2.1.2C users can now upgrade to version 2.2.0. Files can be found here. Please backup your site and database first and then follow the instructions in the readme file. You will loose any modifications to files as well as your configuration settings, so please back these up. This will be the last major change (in terms of file structure) and the next upgrades will not result in loss of configuration settings 🙂

Version 2.2.0 Released

Version 2.2.0 has been released. You can see some of the new features in this post. Apart from some bug fixes the main changes are usability and customisation. The user reviews functionality is about half done and was holding up this release so I decided it was more important to get these new features out, I hope to release user reviews very shortly – there is a change in 2.2.0 in that any back-end user can now create reviews rather than just the super administrator.
In the coming days I will release an upgrade for 2.1.2 users and some help guides on the new template system and what files to change.