2.1.2C Released

I have released version 2.1.2C which fixes this issue.
If you already have 2.1.2 you can either patch it yourself or just download 2.1.2 and upload the mentioned file CategoryForm.php.

2.1.2 Unreleased

I have temporarily unreleased version 2.1.2 due to a bug where you cannot add new titles to a category.
In the meantime you can apply the fix yourself.
Directory: www\administrator\components\com_simple_review\addons\

File: CategoryForm.php
Line: 89
(insert a new line after
var tm = new CategoryTitleManager("tm", "title", "", 20, tmLang);)

Add the following:

tm.AddTitle('', tm.GetNextNumberedTitleName('Title'), 0, 'Text', 0);

2.1.2 Released

Version 2.1.2 has been released. There is also an upgrade available for 2.1.1 users, please read the instructions carefully before upgrading – especially the part about adding missing names to your reviews (for pre 2.1.1 users). There are a few new features but it is mostly a bug fix and clean-up release. Special thanks to forum user NRyan115 for his assistance.

Full list of changes:

  • Added a new tag {sr_name} to display the name of the review.
  • Added pathway/breadcrumbs.
  • Added new language strings:

    • FormTemplateCategory
    • FormTemplateCategoryTip
    • Error404Title
    • Error404Description


    • Error404Title
    • Error404Description


    • ConfigPluginFooter
    • ConfigPluginFooterTip
    • ConfigPluginHeader
    • ConfigPluginHeaderTip


    • TagReviewName
  • Added frontend 404 error pages to be displayed if a review or category is not found or not published.
  • Added a template for categories. This will be used when the user visits a category i.e. clicks your reviews menu item and sees the list
    of categories and their reviews.
    The templates are found in:
    To modify the template copy the ‘Default’ directory and give it a name e.g. ‘MyTemplate1’.
    Edit the HTML in MyTemplate1\Template.php (editing area is marked with START EDITING).
    Edit the CSS in MyTemplate1\Template.css
    Go to the Category administration page and change the ‘Category Template’ to your new template ‘MyTemplate1’.
  • Changed the HTML and CSS for the rating boxes – they will now be displayable horizontally (and inside P tags) rather than the forced vertically.
    To revert to vertical change the css in:

    to (from display:inline-block;):
    .scoreBox, .userScoreBox

    The new HTML looks like – note that the class names have changed and the divs have been replaced with spans.

    <span class="scoreBox">
    <span class="ratingHeadingContainer"><span class="ratingHeading">Rating</span></span><br/>
    <span class="ratingContainer"><span class="rating">0.0</span></span><br/>
    <span class="ratingTextContainer"><span class="ratingText">out of 5</span></span><br/>
    <span class="ratingFooterContainer"/>

  • Changed Administration Review listing to now use the review name instead of title 1, 2 and 3.
  • Changed and improved the plugin selection configuration.
  • Fixed a bug where if Joomla ‘Search Engine Friendly URLs’ was turned off a user will be redirected to the main page rather than the review after adding a comment.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not view a review if ‘ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY’ was turned on in MySQL.
  • Fixed star rating not being shown on category listing.
  • Fixed configuration options:

    • Sort options. Added “Review Name” as the default sort field.
    • Limit Top N to Current Category
    • Removed option ‘Show Review Count’ (edit via category template see here)
    • Removed option ‘Show Reviewer’ (edit via category template see here)
    • Removed option ‘Title 2 is Review Link’ (edit via category template see here)
    • Removed option ‘Title 3 is Review Link’ (edit via category template see here)
  • Moved:
  • Moved:


    The reason for moving into both Review and Category folders
    is incase you want smaller or different coloured star icons in the review listing (category page) or review page.

  • Removed file Category_Module.css and merged it into the Default template.
    If you have made changes to this file copy them into the template.
  • Removed directory:
    and merged the contents in:
  • Removed directory:
    File Simple_Review.css has been merged into the Default Review and Category template CSS files.