Still Workin’ on it

Work on 2.1 is going well and hope to have a beta out early September and then a final out October.
I recently added a new tag call Page Name which should be used as the URL to the review (or category) instead of the review titles. I was previously restricting it to numbers, the English alphabet and hyphens, I have removed this limitation and you can now use items from the UTF character set. For example a link to your URL could now look like this: (sorry I cannot seem to get foreign e.g. Japanese characters to work in this post so use your imagination)
However the caveat is that since the URL gets encoded Internet Explorer (even version 8.0) will still show the encoded text in the status and URL bar, Firefox and Chrome however will (correctly) decode the URL and display it in its native language. For the previous reason and others such as people who can’t type in your language cannot manually enter the URL I would recommend sticking to the English alphabet.

At the moment I am thinking about dropping support for Joomla 1.0.X and Internet Explorer 6 … we shall see.