Simple Review 2.1 Alpha 2 Released

Simple Review 2.1 Alpha 2 has been released. You can download it from here, make sure you download


  • Languages have been cleaned up and moved into:
    Note that at the moment the language cannot be changed from en-GB, you are free to modify en-GB to test.
  • The category layout has been moved into a separate file:
    Note that at the moment the template cannot be changed from Default, you are free to modify Default to test.
  • Works on PHP 4
  • Created By and Last Modified By are now being saved (broken in Alpha 1)
  • {sr_categoryID} tag now works
  • Can now submit a comment with rating 0
  • Non-ASCII titles in URLs are now handled correctly i.e. non-ASCII character removed, temporary solution a new field will be added for the Url.
  • The administration review listing now has a category filter.
  • Provide alternating star image in review listing.

You can see a list of known issues here, please also post any new issues you may find.