Version 2.0.1 Released

Version 2.0.1 of the Component and Top modules has been released.

Component fixes:
*Added option to turn off table locking which was preventing some users from adding categories.
*Review titles change from varchar(255) to text
*Category titles can now be added in Internet Explorer
*Fixed issues with PHP methods returning references

Top Module fixes:
*Now works on MySQL servers which don’t allow nested selects.

There is an upgrade patch for 2.0.0 users.

You can download all of the files here.

Version 1.3 -> 2.0.1 Upgrade.

There is now an upgrade option for 1.3.X users.
The patch is a beta release, while it has been tested I can’t guarantee that there won’t be issues. So backup your site and database and upgrade at your own risk.
A few caveats:

  • All category hierarchy’s will be lost so you will manually have to change this back.
  • All categories will be unpublished.
  • Your configuration will be set back to default values.
  • Dynamic Simple Tags will not work, you will need to use {sr_title4}…{sr_titleN} instead.

This will upgrade to version 2.0.1 (a 2.0.0 upgrade will be available soon).

Download Simple_Review_1.3-2.0.1_Upgrade and unzip it on your PC.

Help Updated

The help page has been updated to include guides on creating categories and reviews. More help is always needed so if you feel you can contribute please contact me via the forum.

Can’t Save Categories – No Lock Patch

Some users may get an error when adding a category due to their database user having insufficient privileges to lock tables.

If you can’t add a category turn on your site’s debug mode (under Joomla’s global configuration). Try adding a category again, if you get an error similar to this:
Access denied for user 'myuser'@'localhost' to database 'joomla' in /home/www/joomla/html/DOM2/includes/database.php on line 307
then your database user doesn’t have permission to lock tables. Simple Review needs to lock the Category table to keep the data structure consistent. If possible you should grant lock permissions to your database user via phpMyAdmin. If you are unable to do so then you can install this patch. As long as you don’t have multiple people adding categories at the same time you will be fine.

You can download the patch from here, unzip it and follow the instructions in README.txt.