User Reviews Beta

Simple Review 2.2.2 provides a beta (i.e. experimental) version of user submitted reviews to be used at your own risk. Currently when enabled any registered user may submit a review (future versions will allow more control), the review cannot contain any HTML and it must be published by an administrator before being displayed on the site (any time a user saves a review it will revert back to unpublished).
How to enable user reviews:

  • Download the yvBBCode plugin (direct link). Install it. Publish it.
  • Under the User Reviews tab in your Simple Review configuration set Enabled to true and add an email address to receive a notification when a user submits a review.
    Select Configuration
    Enable User Reviews
  • While still in your Joomla administration select User Menus from the Menus menu.
    User Menu

    Click the New button.
    Click the Simple Review node (under Internal Link).
    Under User Reviews click the User Review – Submit node.

    Select Menu Type

    Give the menu item a name.
    Set the Access Level to Registered.

    Select Registered
  • For every category that you wish to allow user reviews you must edit the category and check Allow User Reviews.
    Enable for Categories
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