Upgrade 2.0.7 to 2.1.0 Available

Joomla 1.5 only. Joomla 1.0 is no longer supported.

The upgrade was released last week but since the site was down I have been unable to post about it here … until now.
You can download it here, but there are important and possibly breaking changes so continue reading on before attempting an upgrade.

-=Important Notes=-

  1. Backup your Joomla site and Database (important!)
  2. The old links to your Simple Review categories and reviews will NO LONGER be valid.

Instead a page will be displayed informing visitors of the new link.
You can change it to automatically redirect users by editing the file:
and changing line 87 to:

if(SimpleReviewController::_displayLegacy($addonManager, true))

However if you make this change and in your Joomla settings Search Engine Friendly URLs is turned off the Urls may become escpaed e.g. & turns into &

Example old URLs (with Search Engine Friendly URLs turned off) :


Will change to:


If you have Search Engine Friendly URLs turned on they will change to:


The URL redirection assumes that you are using the default URL configuration i.e.:


If you are comfortable with editing your .htacess file and I would recommend doing a 301 redirect via mod_rewrite instead:

-=Upgrade Steps=-

  1. Backup your Joomla site and Database (important!)
  2. Run the following SQL script to update your database database\upgrade_2.0.7-2.1.0.sql.txt
  3. On your Joomla site delete the CONTENTS of www\administrator\components\com_simple_review
    and replace it with files\admin
  4. On your Joomla site delete the CONTENTS of www\components\com_simple_review
    and replace it with files\frontend
  5. Any questions/problems please post at http://simple-review.com/forum

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